Inside the Square (2009)



“Inside the Square” (Director:  David Michôd)

Synopsis:  Behind the scenes production footage and interview of cast and crew of 2008 film The Square, with particular emphasis on the style and difficulties arose during the shooting and the experience of cast and crew during the making of film.

Cast:  David Michôd (Interviewer), Nash Edgerton (Himself),David Roberts (Himself), Claire van der Boom (Herself), Joel Edgerton (Himself), Anthony Hayes (Himself), Hanna Mangan-Lawrence (Herself),Peter Phelps (Himself), Kieran Darcy-Smith (Himself), Bredan Donoghue (Himself), Bill Hunter (Himself), Julian Morrow (Himself), Sam Petty (Himself), Louise Smith (Herself),Luke Doolan (Himself)

Release:  Limited in Australia – March 2009


What is it like doing the Making-of documentary for ‘The Square’? Following and documenting the production, was it a good learning experience for you?

Of course – just bearing witness to the battle of a feature film shoot is a good learning experience. Any time on set is useful time for an aspiring filmmaker.”

2 thoughts on “Inside the Square (2009)

  1. Is there anywhere where I can view this?

    I have had a look around the internet and I cant find this documentary anywhere.

    1. Hi Jordan – it’s always been very difficult to find. I’ll have a hunt around but can’t make any promises. Stay tuned (sorry for delay in responding)

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