“Loveless” Children Collide (2011)


“Loveless” by Children Collide (Directed by David Michôd / Produced by Michael Cody (Flood Projects))

I see you David!

From Children Collide:

“Loveless is a song of strength and sorrow. A diamond in the rough. Buried deep within the frenzied beats and intelligible chaos that permeates the rest of the Theory of Everything album, Loveless is the most personal song to ride the airwaves courtesy of Children Collide. The accompanying video is also an incredible creative collaboration. Directed by lauded Animal Kingdom director David Michôd, Loveless is dually his first foray into music video and first release since the breakthrough success of his debut feature film [Animal Kingdom]. Frontman Johnny Mackay’€™s stark performance in the single shot video is near flawless. The unsettling appearance of Michôd himself in the video is chilling.”


ARIA:  Nominated for an ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) award for Best Music Video in 2011. 

Sound Kilda, St Kilda Film Festival:  Won – Best Music Video 2012


Extract from [V]Music Q&A with lead singer Johnny Mackay:

How did you get Animal Kingdom director David Michôd involved?

I was going to pitch it to a couple of directors, but then I thought of David because he’d gone out with a friend of mine ages ago. I thought I could contact her and be a bit of a prick about it, but then I backed out because I thought, ‘that’s really unprofessional, I can’t do that’. But then I had this dream that he was doing our video and he had this hilarious gay Vietnamese assistant. I woke up from this dream laughing at his assistant, then I jumped straight on Facebook and found him and wrote him a big, long message.

Did you tell him about your dream?

Yeah! I told him about the dream. He didn’t end up having that assistant, so that was a bit disappointing but everything else was good. He was in Hawaii, then he got back to me from LA, then he was in France, so it was this long process of Facebook messages ’til we came to an understanding. I kind of just let him go with the concept. The concept was that I have to lose all of my hair and he had all of the other ideas, he filled in all the blanks. He put together a team of people – I think a lot of them worked on Animal Kingdom – and they were all really amazing.

So it wasn’t your idea to go with the clown face?

No, no, no, that as David’s. Besides getting rid of my hair, he filled in all the other parts.”

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