Crossbow (2007)

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Crossbow (2007) written and directed by David Michôd.  The film had its world premiere in competition at the Venice Film Festival on 9 March 2007.

Plot:  A kid. His mum and dad. The sex and drugs. And the boy next door who watched the whole thing unravel.


  • Australian Film Institute – Won, Best Screenplay in Short (2007)
  • Melbourne International Film Festival – Won, Film Victoria Erwin Rado Award for Best Australian Short Film (2007)
  • Fitz Best Short film Awards – Won, Best Film (2007)
  • St Kilda Film Festival – Won, Short Film Competition Prize (2008)
  • Flickerfest International Film Festival – Won, Best Achievement in Sound and Won Best Direction in an Australian Short Film (2008)

Cast:   Cy Standen (The kid), Joel Edgerton (Dad), Lisa Chappell (Mum), Mirrah Foulkes (Cop) and David Michod (Narrator).  *David might also have one of his infamous walk on roles too*

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Director’s Statement

In making Crossbow, I set out to explore adolescent sexuality in a way that reflected how messy and confusing it can be.  In general terms, most examinations of this sexuality tend to focus on the clumsy sexual fumblings of teenagers as they relate directly to their own early physical encounters.  With Crossbow, I instead hoped to demonstrate how teenagers’ formative sexual experiences are most often built from their observations of the innate sexuality of other people – principally parents, neighbours, friends and celebrities.  As such, these nascent sexual experiences exist principally in the teenage imagination.  And teenage imaginations, as we all know, can be a complex mess of the dark, the beautiful, the hopeful and the dangerous.

David Michôd


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