Bear (2011)


“Bear” (Director: Nash Edgerton) (Writers: Nash Edgerton/David Michôd)

Plot:  Jack has the perfect birthday surprise planned for Emelie. Sometimes, though, plans go horrifically wrong.

This is the follow up to Spider.

Cast: Nash Edgerton (Jack), Teresa Palmer (Emelie) and Warwick Thornton (Ranger)

Premiered at Cannes Film Festival, 21 May 2011 (Nominated for Palme d’Or Short Film).

Film Festivals:

  • St Kilda Short Film Festival, May 2011
  • Milano Film Festival, September 2011
  • Athens Film Festival, September 2011
  • South by Southwest Film Festival, March 2012
  • Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival, April 2012
  • Black Bear Filmfest, March 2013


Leeds International Film Festival:  Won – Louis le Prince International Short Film (2011)

Strasbourg International Film Festival Golden:  Won – Octopus for the best international short fantastic film (2011)

Flickerfest International Short Film Festival:  Won – Best Direction in an Australian Short Film (2012)


Blueprint: Review [David Brook]: “A sequel to Spider, Bear basically replays the gag in a new setting. Predictable of course for this reason, but still funny and well produced.”

Short of the Week:  “From a critical standpoint, the film is a bit on the slight side, and considering the expectations set by its predecessor, the plot is definitely predictable. But, I’d argue that Edgerton isn’t trying to surprise you—he already pulled off that magic trick once with Spider. Instead, he’s reveling a bit in a sort of misanthropic playground. Our protagonist is a cartoon character of sorts—the Wile E. Coyote of cinematic schadenfreude. He’s always getting himself, and his loved ones, into the darndest, deadliest situations. And, all the while, we can’t help but laugh at his misfortune. Edgerton is clearly having fun.”


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