The Rover: UK Promo 2014

DavidBFI Southbank Q&A 6 August 2014

HQ 1 & 2 | MQ


Apple Store “Meet the Director” 7 August 2014
1 | 2 | 3

(Podcast | Video)

*Exclusive* Jules Experience + Photos

London Press Junket Interviews
Filmoria (Print)

@GrolschFW (Print)

@BBCRadio4 (Audio)

Little White Lies (Video)

Round Table with THN (Print & Pics)

Roundtable with Establishing Shot (Print)

Audio from Roundtable UK Press Junket

@Live_For_Films (Print & Pics)

Film4 (Video)

HeyUGuys (Video)

Film3Sixty (Print)

@DazedMagazine (Print)

OhComelyBlog (Print)

@Picturehouses (Audio)

@BBCRadioScot (Audio)

The Picture Show (Ireland) (Audio)

UK Reviews

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