Welcome to Michôd’s Kingdom, a fansite dedicated to the critically acclaimed Australian director, writer and some time actor, David Michôd.

It might have taken David 4 years to provide us with his second feature film “The Rover”, following the phenomenal success of “Animal Kingdom”, but it looks like David’s career is full steam ahead with him signing on to write and direct Brad Pitt’s film “The Operators”, a movie based on Michael Hastings’ 2011 bestseller about the rise and fall of General Stanley McChrystal, formerly the commander of international and U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. What a wonderful team supporting a truly visionary artist. People like David Michod make me proud to be an Aussie.

  2. You ladies are amazing! I’ve only had a few moments to pop onto this site recently, but it’s looking fantastic. I can’t wait for a lull in my life, so that I can give Michod’s Kingdom the attention it deserves. PS. Love the Current Mood Gif and think it should be permanent!

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