VIDEOS: David Michod Appears on Joel Edgerton The Australian Story “The Long Game Parts 1 & 2

The Australian Story has a 2 part series on Joel Edgerton. David appears in Part 1 at 3.03, 30.33 and a glimpse at the end for promo of Part 2 which will be screened on ABC TV on Monday 17 August 2020. Below is David’s transcript from Part 1 – talking about Joel’s panic attacks and anxiety:

I’ve known for a long time that Joel has feelings of anxiety. I think it’s really brave as him to be talking about it. Especially when you’re an actor, who’s built a career on a certain kind of solid masculinity.  I’ve always known Joel to be a pretty private person. On those occasions when he has talked to me about anxiety, I have felt like, OK, the very fact that you’re doing this is significant because it’s not it’s not the way you usually move through the world.  

and on Kinky Boots

There was just these ingredients that felt like they were ripe for something to pop. And then, yeah it just didn’t.    

Updated: 18 August 2020 with Part 2

David on Joel working with Fred Hollows Foundation:

When you’re a famous actor, you actually get pampered and indulged at every turn. I’m sure his work with the Hollows Foundation alleviates some kind of sense of purposelessness that I think lots of artists carry. 

on working on Animal Kingdom:

Joel was one of those people who championed the script that I’d written for Animal Kingdom. He had a lot of stuff going on that year, but he was determined to make himself available. You know, I’ll be forever grateful to Joel for that. 

on Joel’s appearance with Cate Blanchett on stage in The Street Car Named Desire

You’re basically being asked to tread in Brando’s footsteps. And then not only that, to play Stanley. And then take that character in that performance to New York. To open yourself up to that scrutiny, that’s brave. 

on Joel’s anxiety and life as an actor

The life of an actor, I think is designed invariably to induce anxiety.  You’re constantly being judged. You’re constantly being told what your value is to the rest of the world. And this is where you know to get back to the Hollows Foundation, there’s a great value to be had in and going. You know what? I don’t want to think about me anymore.  I just want to do something else. I want my life to be simpler. And I want it to involve other people.  

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