REVIEWS: #Catch22 US Premiere | #DavidMichôd & #LukeDavies

Catch 22 had its US premiere yesterday and the reviews are out. I focus more on what little is mentioned of David and Luke’s writing, but you should click on the links to read the full reviews:

From The Hollywood Reporter:

…  the limited series was developed and written by Luke Davies (Lion) and David Michod (Animal Kingdom), who manage to find the difficult tonal balance of the book: a winning combination of satire, madcap bombast and, most important, deep existential angst that the main character, John Yossarian (Christopher Abbott), manifests in his ever-increasing fear of death as a U.S. bombardier flying missions in Italy during World War II.

From IndieWire:

Scripts by Luke Davies and David Michôd do a fine job capturing the absurdity inherent to young men in the prime of their lives throwing themselves into danger for orders that don’t make sense and men they will never meet.

From Collider:

At its heart, Catch-22 is a tragedy, the type where you laugh to keep from crying. And you will laugh; as someone who hasn’t read the novel since high school, I forgot how hard the satire hits and how high the general quirk level stays throughout. 

From Variety

The new series works better than it should. It elides some of the worst of the novel’s degradation of women, streamlines as best it can the most verbose of the vignettes and builds out Yossarian…l Yet the series, in thrall to and in the shadow of one of the most sharply written novels of its era, never finds a way to live on its own.  … The whole series was written by Luke Davies and David Michôd, both high-profile screenwriters. …

The six-part series adapts Joseph Heller’s anti-war satire first published in 1961. It can be seen in the US on Hulu from 17 May 2019 and in Australia on Stan (same day 18 May 2019).

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