PRINT: .@joeledgerton1 Tells .@LWLies A Little about #TheKing | #DavidMichôd

Little White Lies recently spoke with Joel Edgerton about his film Boy Erased (the film is excellent if you have an opportunity to see it. I was fortunate enough to see it last year with a post screening Q&A with Joel at The Ritz Cinema in Randwick).

Here is what Joel had to say about The King:

And you’ve recently been working with David Michôd on his new film The King. What can we expect from that?

Well I hope something really wonderful. It was a big thing for us because we’ve made movies before – I shot his very first short film which was a crew of like 20 people – and there we were literally two or three months ago in Budapest in a field shooting the Battle of Agincourt with 200 armoured men and 80 horses and a massive infrastructure. It felt kind of surreal that someone had let us do that. It’s gonna be epic. But it’s also very dramatic and personal and hopefully emotional as well. You know, it’s not Shakespeare, but it’s about that king, it’s about Henry V and his evolution and the conquering of France.

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