MINISERIES UPDATE: Kyle Chandler Replaces George Clooney in David Michôd Exec Produced #Catch22


From The Hollywood Reporter

George Clooney is reducing his role in Hulu’s forthcoming Catch-22 miniseries.

The two-time Oscar winner and Emmy nominee has reduced his role in the six-episode limited seriesFriday Night Lights Emmy winner Kyle Chandler will take over the part originally earmarked for Clooney, while the latter will change roles to one less demanding as he also juggles producing and directing duties. …

Chandler’s Cathcart is the commanding officer who continues to send Yossarian out on missions. The character takes himself very seriously. Clooney’s Scheisskopf is a training commander at cadet school in California. He’s ambitious, humorless, inept, angry, sadistic — and above all else, obsessed with parades and winning parade tournaments. At cadet school he makes the men’s lives a living hell. Deep down he’s just an angry idiot, so there’s no real danger he’ll ever be sent overseas. And then: he is sent overseas. As the head of operations for the entire Mediterranean Theater. And straight back into Yossarian’s life.

I found this quote from the article interesting – what a fabulous experience for David and Luke:

Paramount TV and Clooney’s plan is to make Catch-22 a global story and shoot on location in a bid to be as accurate to the source material as possible. Producers also want to use one of the handful of surviving World War II planes. (Davies and Michod went for a flight in one of them as research.)

Hugh Laurie was previously announced to portray Major de Coverley.

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