David Michôd Featuring in .@nashedgerton TV Directorial Debut “Mr Inbetween”


“Mr Inbetween” is the first Australian crime drama to be produced by FX in Australia. According to IF.com:

Now shooting in Sydney, the 6 x 30’ comedy/drama also features David Michôd, the writer-director of Netflix’s War Machine and Animal Kingdom, as a therapist in charge of a counselling session, as well as House Husband’s Firass Dirani, Hacksaw Ridge’s Benedict Hardie and Blue Murder: Killer Cop’s Matt Nable.

Based on Scott Ryan’s 2005 feature The Magician, the series is written by and stars Ryan as Ray Shoesmith, a hitman who conducts his chilling business while maintaining friendships, parental responsibilities and romance. Tran plays Ray’s ex-wife and Satchwell his love interest, while Herriman is a degenerate criminal.

A collaboration between Jungle and the Blue-Tongue Films collective, the series is produced by Michelle Bennett and marks the TV directing debut of Nash Edgerton. [My emphasis]

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