UPDATE: Luke Davies & David Michôd Currently Working on Catch 22 TV Adaptation


We have posted previously that Luke and David where working together on a TV adaptation of Catch 22.  Under the Radar recently interviewed Luke as part of the promo for Lion.  This is what he had to say about what he is currently working on:

What I am working on is a TV adaptation of Catch 22, a miniseries that me and David Michôd, my roommate and friend who shot a film for Netflix called War Machine, starring Brad Pitt, that hasn’t come out yet. We’re moving to TV, it’s new territory, and it’s terrifying, I’ve written the first episode and we’ve begun shopping it around, and I’m about to write the second episode too. The beautiful Lion experience, of getting nominations, feels preposterously unexpected, which I’m lapping up and enjoying, but I’m also mostly just home in L.A. trying to work everyday on Catch 22. 

Click on the link to read Luke’s full interview.

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