David Michôd Part of “David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema” Airing in 2017 *Updated*


I missed this little tidbit about David Michôd being involved with David Stratton’s new show on the ABC next year “David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema”.  IF.com spoke with David Finlayson from the ABC:

[O]ne of Australia’s most revered film critics takes the audience on a personal journey through the cinematic landscape that shaped both him and us, as he traces the story of Australian cinema.The series interweaves the cinematic visions of our greatest films and their filmmakers, telling intimate behind-the-scenes stories via the voices of iconic stars and industry protagonists alike. David Stratton takes us on a journey across Australia and reveals how he became deeply enmeshed in this nation’s cinema – from his first thrilling glimpse of Australian film, The Overlanders, at the tender age of ten, to his arrival as a Ten Pound Pom, finally becoming a household name in his adoptive country and a renowned authority on an art form that defined the Twentieth Century.

Using unique archive footage and memorable moments from the films themselves, the series focuses on our deepest preoccupations via the multiple depictions of our onscreen selves. It’s through Australian films that David comes to understand his new home and himself, as Australia forged its national identity on the silver screen.

The series explores the game changers – the films and people who revolutionized an industry; the outsider filmmakers and their protagonists, at odds with the landscape and society; and the onscreen tribes who collectively reflect who we are.

David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema feature many greats from in front of and behind the camera – Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Jacqui Weaver, Fred Schepsi, Sam Neill, Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving, Gillian Armstrong, David Michod, Eric Bana and of course many great Australian films, past and present that we know and love.

The show is airing as a 3 part 1 hour show in 2017.  David Stratton shared part of it during the Adelaide Film Festival .  You can watch an interview with David Stratton talking about Australian cinema here

Updated: 7 December 2016

Transmission Films posted an update on Facebook that David Stratton’s Stories of Australian Cinema will have its world premiere on Australia Day at St.George Open Air Cinema.  Check out the trailer below, there’s even a little snippet from Animal Kingdom.


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