.@RollingStone “Michôd delivered on the promise [he was a talent to watch]


Rolling Stone has thankfully given us a wrap up article of all things you need to know about the TV adaptation of David Michôd “Animal Kingdom”.  You should head on over here to read the full article.  I’m just going to give you the extract that caught my attention:

“The family that slays together stays together” — it’s a phrase might as well be inscribed in Latin on the Cody clan’s crest. Three generations of burglars and thieves come together under one roof on TNT’s rough-hewn new drama Animal Kingdom (an Americanized adaptation of the 2010 Australian crime thriller) and precious little is off-limits …

This is loosely based off of real family of criminals in Australia, right?
David Michod’s 2010 movie Animal Kingdom, which provides the source material for the show, was in fact inspired by the real-life account of Melbourne’s Pettingill family, another flock of drug-runners/arms-dealers/big-time thieves under the thumb of a tyrannical older woman. The film starred Weaver, Guy Pearce, Joel Edgerton and James Frecheville; it was also the movie to introduce future Rogue One bad guy and Bloodline MVP Ben Mendelsohn to a larger international audience. The picture took Australia’s film awards by storm upon its release in 2010 and signaled that the first-time director, a member of the film collective known as Blue Tongue, was a talent to watch. (Michod delivered on the promise, too; his follow-up, the dystopian Western The Rover, got outstanding performances out of Pearce and Robert Pattinson.)”

I’m still unsure whether the adaptation will be seen on Australian TVs, as soon as I have confirmation I’ll let you know.  The US can watch on TNT on from 14 June.

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