Kick Gurry, David Michôd & War Machine “It turned out to be one of Gurry’s best experiences”

KickgurryDavidDon Groves interviewed Kick Gurry, who can currently be seen on season 2 of Netflix’s Sense8.  Kick worked on War Machine with David and Brad Pitt.  Here’s an extract from Don’s article:

“Kick Gurry had fantasized about becoming an actor and working with Brad Pittever since he saw the fresh-faced Pitt alongside Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis in Ridley Scott’s 1991 opus Thelma and Louise.

The Australian actor finally got his chance in War Machine, the Netflix funded movie which stars Pitt as a four star “rock star” general who commanded the American war in Afghanistan, directed by Animal Kingdom’s David Michôd. It turned out to be one of Gurry’s best experiences … It was really cool, a lot of fun,” he told Forbes via Skype from Positano, Italy …”

Click here to read the full article.

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