.@joeledgerton1 talks David Michôd and #King with .@ThePlaylist


The Playlist spoke with Joel Edgerton during Berlinale and this is what Joel had to say about his upcoming project “King” with David :

One of whom, David Michod, told us a while back that you guys were collaborating again, writing a script?
We have a thing that we’re trying to make soon. He’s putting his next movie [“War Machine” with Brad Pitt] together now, and then we have a project. It’s like a reimagining of “Henry IV” and “Henry V,” with some parts akin toShakespeare and some more detailed through history and some parts our own imaginings, our own creative license. He’ll direct and I’ll be in it.

It is definitely happening, then?
Well, you know, I can’t ever say that again, not until we’re there and actually shooting… But our intention is certainly to make the film. Someone just has to give us a lot of money to do it.”

Click on the link to read the full article on what Joel is up to.

It was mentioned to me recently that King might be next.  Fingers crossed because I love the magic that happens when Joel and David work together.


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