.@joeledgerton1 Talks #King: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Meets Shakespeare Project With David Michôd via .@ThePlaylist

davidandjoelI have been waiting for some more information on “King” and thanks to The Playlist for the information below and drawing our attention to Josh Horowitz’s podcast with Joel (also thanks for the shoutout):

“We’ve written ‘Henry IV’ and ‘Henry V’ as a period film, but with our own dialogue. For lack of a better word, [it’s] ‘Game Of Thrones’ meets Shakespeare only in that, you can watch ‘Game Of Thrones’ and understand what’s going on. I feel like, with complete deference to Shakespeare, there is something that happens when even the most intelligent people watch Shakespeare. They feel stupid, because he does the kind of roundabout version of telling you simple things. So, we just wanted to let the audience understand exactly what’s going on, and not just some people, but everybody,” he explained.

However, Edgerton says that the current studio climate makes “King” a tough sell. “It’s a slightly expensive movie to make,” he said, adding: “Anyone who knows ‘Henry V’ knows that it’s not exactly a ‘Rocky’ ending. It’s got an ironic victorious yet bitter ending, so when put that into the business machine of Hollywood, it’s not exactly a home run.”

He says that right now Michôd is editing the upcoming “War Machine” starring Brad Pitt, and after that, maybe they’ll take another crack at “King,” but we’ll see how that goes.”

I recommend you listen to the entire Happy Sad Confused podcast. Josh talks to Joel about King and David at 46.44 (summarised above by The Playlist).  Joel is such a typical humble Aussie bloke and he has some funny stories and also insight on what its like to be in and make movies.  Love listening to him.

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