Underrated & Underexposed Review David Michôd’s #TheRover


This review popped up today and it has easily become one of my favourites.  Here’s an extract but you can head over to Underrated & Underexposed to read the full review:

“‘The Rover’ is no imitation, a strong film in its own right which brings something very real and new to the table.

Director David Michôd, who also directed Animal Kingdom (another excellent Australian film), and cinematographer Natasha Braier work well together to develop a dreary world of a very lived in future which is highly plausible and visually beautiful. The pace of this film is slow from the offset. This pace is interrupted by explosions of action which works effectively to enhance their dramatic effect. The action is firmly grounded which lets the script develop the characters with dialogue and action rather than gimmicks. A special mention has to be made by the excellent score by Antony Partos which works perfectly with the story and helps build a sense of foreboding throughout the picture.

Perhaps the best aspect of ‘The Rover’ is its minimalism. We are never given any unnecessary details (for instance the cause of societal collapse) and the characters define themselves through their actions rather than words. I saw an existential aspect to this film as the dialogue is often mysterious and cryptic – hinting at an underlying meaning to it all. I may be wrong about this though as the filmmakers may have hinted otherwise as Rey states at one stage “Not everything has to be about something”. Dialogue is sparse allowing the actors and director to interpret the script freely. The best scene in the film is where Eric and one of Australia’s last lawmen have a conversation which has some of the best dialogue ever delivered in this genre.

‘The Rover’ is another film from down under which is a cut above the rest, a common occurrence which places Australia as one of the great producers of cinema in the world – strong enough to compete with Hollywood while individual enough to be distinctively Ozzy.”

Don’t forget you can read all the reviews (good and bad) here

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