David Michôd’s #TheRover is .@davidjmoody First Film Recommendation for 2016

The Rover

David Moody has started off his film recommendations for this year with The Rover and I couldn’t agree more with his comments “Excellent direction, subtle effects, an atmospheric soundtrack, beautiful cinematography and a superb ending I didn’t see coming combine to make this a film I’d recommend in a heartbeat.” It’s coincidental that I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who just watched The Rover and Mad Max: Fury Road on DVD and said he preferred The Rover without a doubt to Mad Max and no it wasn’t David Moody that I was talking to, but they both sound like they share the same opinion. Here’s an extract of David’s review:

“I loved the look and, more particularly, the feel of THE ROVER. The backstory is rightly sparse, and all we know is that the film takes place ten years after a global economic collapse. Whilst most dystopian movies take place either as the shit is hitting the fan or once it’s well and truly dropped,THE ROVER seems to exist in an unsettling nether-land between the two. There are glimpses of civilization and of society continuing to function, and yet there are far more telltale signs that the end really is well-and-truly nigh.”

Click here to read the full article.

Via InthefootstepsofRob

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