David Michôd: 2015 Year in Review

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We started off 2015 with The Rover nominated at several awards.  It was equal 4th at Cinema Australia’s inaugural 2014 Audience Award for Favourite Film.  It garnered 6 nominations for the Australian Film Critics Association Awards and of course we know what happened at the AACTA Awards.  People will say I’m biased, but I honestly don’t know how Russell Crowe’s “The Water Diviner”  could even be considered against all the other nominated films since it hadn’t even been released in Australia when the AACTA nominations were announced in early December.  David didn’t win, but The Rover did pick up best supporting actress award for Susan Prior and the sound team won for best sound.  David once again supported Flickerfest.  In February, The Rover was nominated for 5 Film Critics Circle Awards and Raychel D Weiner shared a photo of David from the #FleshandBone set.  April saw  The Rover announced as being part of the Jeonju International Film Festival in South Korea in May and the 5th Beijing International Film Festival.  We also found out that #FleshandBones would screen on Starz (and Stan Australia) on 8 November 2015 plus a teaser trailer of the first episode directed by David.  The Rover also got a July theatrical release date for Japan.  May saw Turner Broadcasting order a pilot for a US TV show based on “Animal Kingdom” with both David and Liz Watts being involved as producers. We would find out later in December that a full series had been picked up.  I’m so interested to see how this translates – the cast is stellar – Ellen Barkin and Scott Spedman. I’m interested.  Korea also had a theatrical release for The Rover.  June blew us away with the news that Netflix acquired distribution rights for David and Brad Pitt’s satirical “War Machine” based on Michael Hastings novel “The Operators”.  In July we heard that David was announced as an ambassador for the AFI|AACTA #SocialShorts competition.  And during the launch of the Guardian Film Club which screened Animal Kingdom, Liz Watts mentioned that the next project she would be doing with David would be based on a Paul Barry book. More news to come with that one I think. Liz did mention to us at the AACTAs that she would be working with David again in 2015.  “War Machine” casting was well and truly underway in August with the news of stars such as Topher Grace, Scoot McNairy, Anthony Hayes and Anthony Michael Hall to name a few joining the film.  We had to wait until September to get a little update on the Warner Bros project “King” that David will work on with Joel Edgerton. I believe that will be his next project after “War Machine”, but knowing David he plays his cards very close to his chest so we really will have to wait and see.  It could also be the Joseph Heller’s WWII satire “Catch 22” which is being adapted as a miniseries for TV by Luke Davies and will be directed by David. “War Machine” started filming and we had a first glimpse of Brad Pitt on the set.  Stan (and Starz) let us catch #FleshandBone a few days earlier than it’s start date and wowza what a dark and brilliant episode to kick off the show. It had me hooked. Wish David had directed the entire 8 episodes. Greedy I know.  War Machine wrapped up filming and we ended off the year with David’s short “Spider” and “Crossbow” being announced as part of Flickerfest’s 25th anniversary retrospective in Jan.  So there’s lots to look forward to this year and of course we will continue to keep you up to date with all things David Michôd.

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