WATCH ONLINE NOW: David Michôd’s Directed Episode of #FleshandBone on @StanAustralia

Raychel Diane Weiner

Don’t worry you can watch legitimately for free online in the US.  Australians need to subscribe to STAN – it’s only $10 per month – why wouldn’t you!  They also have The Rover and Animal Kingdom available.  It’s like David heaven.

For Aussies, you can watch David’s episode now on STAN.  I know what I’ll be doing when I get home tonight.

For US peeps, thanks to the heads up from Slash Film who have written some lovely words about David and the pilot episode of Flesh and Bone:

Another series airing soon on the network is Flesh and Bone, which has a pilot directed by one of the most promising directors working today. Before the premiere airs, the cable network has made the first episode available online for free.

The pilot is directed by David Michôd. The filmmaker’s first film, Animal Kingdom, is an excellent crime drama. Michôd’s sophomore effort, The Rover, wasn’t as popular with critics, but his sparse post-apocalyptic tale, starring Guy Pearce (L.A. Confidential) and Robert Pattinson (Maps to the Stars), was one of the best films of 2014. Flesh and Bone (watch the trailer here) is the second time he’s directed for television. Last time he worked in TV was for HBO’s sadly short-lived Enlightened.”

You can watch it exclusively online at EW.  I have to admit, at the moment, I’m unable to get the video to load, but it may be my end, or it may be that it’s not available in Australia.  I will update if that changes.

To read the rest of Slash Film’s article click on the link above.



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