#FleshandBone: NY Times Provides Glimpse at David Michôd Directed Episode|9 Nov 2015 on @StanAustralia


Gia Kourlas of the New York Times has a great write up for the series, but her opening paragraphs give us a glimpse into the episode directed by David:

“As first episodes go, it’s creepy: An aspiring ballerina who has just run away from home to New York gets a phone call. It’s her brother, Bryan, stretched out on her childhood bed in Pittsburgh. “You forgot your ballerina,” he says. “You just left it here.” In one hand, he holds the clear figurine; the other is shoved down the front of his jeans.

“I miss you,” he whispers. “Tell me where you are.” She doesn’t reply; instead, sitting barefoot on her fire escape, she pounds a battered toenail with her fist.”

Creepy indeed.  I can’t wait.

Click on the link above to read the full article.

Aussies can watch Flesh and Bone from Monday 9 November 2015 on STAN.  If you haven’t subscribed – better do it in the next week!

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