David Michôd an Ambassador for 2015 AFI | @AACTA #SocialShorts Competition


Now there’s a lovely surprise. David is one of the Ambassadors for the #SocialShorts Competitton being held this year.   From AACTA’s website:


Excellence in short film has been recognised and awarded by the Australian Film Institute (AFI) and Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA) since 1970.  Short films so often serve as calling cards and stepping stones for our brightest emerging filmmakers, and prominent Australian filmmakers who have progressed their careers internationally following their short film success in Australia include Adam Elliot, Jane Campion, Peter Weir, Rachel Griffiths and David Michôd, amongst others.  

AFI | AACTA #SocialShorts Powered by Genesis was launched in 2014 in partnership with Hyundai to build on this strong tradition by providing an unprecedented opportunity for emerging Australian filmmakers to have their work seen, shared and acknowledged by film enthusiasts and the film industry. AFI | AACTA is committed to creating new opportunities to extend professional ambitions and progress successful Australian screen careers.

In addition to providing unique access to great Australian short films, #SocialShorts encourages viewers to share these via social media, introducing new audiences to Australian short films and filmmaking talent, and acknowledging the public thirst for content in this phase of the screen era.”

And this little short interview of David:


Multi-AACTA Award winner David Michôd wrote and directed the feature films ANIMAL KINGDOM and THE ROVER. He also directed (with Jen Peedom) the acclaimed documentary SOLO. As writer, director and/or producer, his short films have played festivals and won awards all over the place.

How did you get into short filmmaking?

In my early twenties, while worrying about what the hell I was doing with my life, I applied to film school at the VCA and, fortunately, got in. Everything rolled on from there. It rolled slowly and painfully for quite a while, but it rolled.

Favourite short film of all time?

Two-Out by Kriv Stenders – two prisoners share a prison cell, one falls in love with a plastic bag. All one shot. Gloriously simple and moving.

Most valued asset onset when making a short film? 

Gratitude (at the risk of sounding like a space captain). If you’re grateful for the opportunity you have to make a film and you communicate that gratitude to the people working for and with you, no problem is unsolvable. If you’re a yeller and a bully or you behave on set like making films is your destiny or entitlement, the world will turn against you in whatever way it can. Oh, and adrenaline is a pretty valuable asset too. Making films is hard. Being on set should be simultaneously terrifying and exhilarating. If it’s feeling easy, it probably means you’re not working hard enough.

Top tip for emerging short filmmakers?

Just keep making stuff. Stick close to your filmmaking friends and peers and get involved with whatever they’re doing in whatever capacity. Be prepared to ride out the penniless patches. And read books (and I don’t mean read how-to-make-films books, but read real books about everything other than movies – cinema is a visual medium, but storytellers need to be literate).

In three words, describe your first short film

VHS, punch and crunch.

What are you working on at the moment? 

Re-inventing the wheel.”

 In fact it’s a who’s who from the Blue Tongue collaborative!   Check out more info and how to vote at AACTA’s Social Shorts page.

Voting for the first category of Comedy can be done here

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