Susan Prior Wins Best Supporting Actress for The Rover!

The beautiful, smart and very talented Susan Prior was awarded AACTA’s “BEST Supporting Actress” for her role in The Rover. Susan’s kick ass character Dorothy hit the nail on the head and took me on a journey of rethinking life skills and how they could help us survive in an environment as far gone as that in The Rover. Played on my mind for weeks!
We were fortunate to catch Susan’s post win interview and here’s our footage where Susan shares her experience while working with David, Guy and Rob. We get some amazing insight to her preparation for the role and we find out that Susan has a beautiful dream.

Apologies for the very shaky footage, I couldn’t sit still AT ALL, but we were just so freakin excited for The Rover and the most important thing here, is that we listen.

Here’s a few of our photos from the red carpet and post win.  Susan has definitely won us over and we will be watching what she does very closely.

 photo ac935178-2478-4283-9100-04d913594bf2.jpg photo dc2e724c-abf6-469c-bf7e-18e972684e4c.jpg

Post Win

 photo be4f7e5e-9110-4565-9904-b3c75b604095.jpg photo 42bc3c26-1e7f-4d03-a694-d5d45d84dd54.jpg photo 31664217-e978-4890-bc86-689f14add010.jpg

 photo 968d3dba-4d21-4bc8-8753-47ea0223086c.jpg


One thought on “Susan Prior Wins Best Supporting Actress for The Rover!

  1. GO SUE! That was an awesome interview. Her character development insights were very interesting but it was her passion for bringing Australian Stories to ‘the masses’ through children that I thought was truly inspired. For the big movie houses to showcase quality Aussie work through a family initiative would pay off within a few short years, when those kids, and their parents, naturally, become more receptive to the home grown output. No amount of Hollywood special effects can make up for a good story.
    Joel was reflecting inward as to the solution in the podcast that Maria set us for homework a few weeks back on RPAU. It is obviously a #1 topic in the local industry. As a community, we have to be more active. We can’t rely 100% on the poor ABC so reflect our voice. Not all stories work in a television medium.
    I love Sue’s ideas. For each and every one of us to become proud and involved in creative industries is a wonderful community goal. Cultures grow through storytelling and art. We would all be better for it.
    *stepping off soapbox now*

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