The Rover’s Pretty Girl Rock is No 1 in MovieMaker Magazine’s Best of 2014: Top Five Song Choices of 2014

According to Moviemaker’s Top 5 Songs Choices in Film of 2014

1.  The Rover: “Pretty Girl Rock” by Keri Hilson

Deep into David Michôd’s The Rover, after Antony Partos’ score has haunted and hypnotized viewers, it is flat-out shocking to hear Keri Hilson’s bubblegum R&B anthem “Pretty Girl Rock,” the opening strains of which start playing as Eric (Guy Pearce) and Rey (Robert Pattinson) walk out into a post-apocalyptic desert distance. In fact, I suspected the projectionist had hijacked the sound system to stage a prank. But when, after 30 seconds, the film cuts to Rey alone in a car, inexpertly but endearingly singing along, initial surprise (and humor) turns into a deep feeling of sadness.

This fluffy, catchy song could not have been made in the brutal, doomed world that Eric and Rey now inhabit. Out of the millions of disposable pleasures the world of the past took for granted, this one has survived 10 years (presumably as the last CD in the car stereo before everything went to shit) to provide the only moment of carefree joy for the fragile, puppy-dog Rey.”

Thanks @fearlessmore

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