Podcasts: Joel Edgerton & Susan Prior talk The Rover, Aussie Film Industry & More with Aussies in LA

Joel talks to Aussies in LA (podcast) about the Blue-TongueFilms, mentions The Rover and makes some interesting comments about the Australian film industry and what may be the problems with it.  It starts about 22.16 and to be honest it’s really interesting to just listen to the remainder of this podcast if you’re interested in film making.  You can either click on the hyperlink and listen to the podcast in iTunes or click on the pic below to listen to the interview on Australians in Film website.

AussiesinLAYou might also like to listen to Susan Prior’s podcast where she talks about The Rover, Cannes and her relationship with David or click on the pic to listen to the interview on the Australians in Film website.

susan Prior



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