.@hhphotoplus shares his photo of David Michôd for The Rosebud Project

The Rosebud project is a photo project by Hugh Hamilton photographer:

“On my desk sits a hairbrush, a battered silver plated thing that I think was a christening present. I suppose it really should be in my bathroom but I rarely brush my hair with it. Its just something that has travelled with me wherever I’ve gone. Shortly after I arrived in California it occurred to me that I could not be alone in my attachment to a meaningless and (as my hair increasingly recedes) somewhat useless object.

And thus began the Rosebud Project, named for Citizen Kane and the quest for the meaning of his dying word – Rosebud. Which of course in the end is revealed to be his childhood sled. …”

Hugh’s shared his photo of David today  and David’s accompanying note on his instagram:

RosebudDavid michod, director of animal kingdom and the rover, had an unusual rosebud – his note brought tears to my eyes. I saw him two months later and it was still on his wrist. #rosebud #breastcancer #therover #outinthedesert

David’s such a wonderful soul.

Here’s a reminder of Sam’s visit to The Rover set with Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson whilst he was raising money for Love Your Sister:

loveyoursister2You should check out some of the other stories over at Hugh’s website by clicking the link above.  It’s always interesting to see what people treasure.

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