Robert Pattinson Receives Best Actor Award For ‘The Rover’ At The Cli Fi Movie Awards ‘The Cliffies’


How wonderful is this news & oh so deserved. Rob Pattinson’s  performance as Rey is just beyond words. We did tweet about this a couple of days back & are now posting after a gentle reminder of this wonderful news from Dan Bloom. Below is an excerpt of his article at The Wrap:

…Yes, welcome the Cli Fi Movie Awards, dubbed “The Cliffies.” The online event has been set up as an annual awards program, and unusual for film awards, the entire event is happening online only. Over the years, as things progress, the awards program may move to a physical address in Hollywood with stage hosts and an invited audience.

…For now it’s an online show – live now here  and you won’t be surprised to learn that social media is carrying the day, as fans of actors like Robert Pattinson (who won a Cliffie for his role as Rey in the Australian clifi movie “The Rover”) are tweeting and tumblring the news to their hearts’ desire worldwide!

…And as mentioned above, “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson received a “best actor” award for his role in Australian director David Michod’s “The Rover.”

To read Dan’s article in full just click on the hyperlink above.

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