Joel Edgerton talks about how he wasn’t right for a role in The Rover with @NuketheFridge


Nuke the Fridge had an exclusive interview with Joel Edgerton and managed to garner this little snippet about The Rover from him:

Nuke: You cowrote The Rover also. Was there ever thought that there could be a role for you in that?

Joel Edgerton: I’ll let you in on a little secret, David [Michod] and I even at one point were like, because I said to David, “Should I be in this movie? I don’t know that I’m right for it.” And he’s like, “I don’t know if you’re right for it either.” Because it wasn’t just some complicated character, Guy [Pearce]’s character. We even decided to go out one day to shoot a scene together just to work it out for ourselves. It was pretty clear after doing it I’m not the right guy for this movie.

Nuke: Which scene from The Rover did you shoot?

Joel Edgerton: It was the scene where Guy’s character is talking about killing his wife, when he’s been caught by the police. So that’s a little something nobody really knows. We were at Fox Studios in Sydney, in very basic turns just shot an audition just to put myself to the test.

 Nuke: They should’ve put that on the DVD at least. It would’ve been interesting.

Joel Edgerton: Yeah, but I was terrible. I never saw it. I never even look back at it. I just went, “David, all right, you go and look at it. You decide.” So I’m not really precious about that stuff. A lot of the things I’ve written, I’ve written a couple of projects that I’m not attached to. I’ve just written and I’ll let somebody else do something with this. Other things I’m going, “No, no, this is my character. Get your hands off it.”

To read the whole interview click on link above.

Note:  Can’t wait to see what Joel and David are working on next because they are working on another script together.



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