David is Guest Curator for the month of October for Dendy Direct


To celebrate the release of The Rover this month, Dendy Direct asked David to curate a selection of films.

From FilmInk:

Dendy are thrilled to announce that renowned Australian director, actor and writer, David Michod, has come on board as Dendy Direct’s Guest Curator for October, providing an eclectic and surprising collection of films for users to explore and discover. Michod, who wrote and directed Animal Kingdom, co-wrote Hesher, and whose latest film The Rover is available to rent or buy on October 15th, has pulled together a selection of fourteen films which are available on the service for the full month of October. Holding true to the emphasis on tailored curation, Dendy are excited to shine a light on a selection of diverse and interesting films from one film lover to a growing community of many others, all the while supporting the Australian film industry as we have strived to do for decades.

This month’s collection by David Michod offers fourteen choices starting from $3.99 to rent (in SD).

On his selection of films, David said; “This isn’t a list of my favourite fourteen films of all time. It’s just a list – but hopefully an eclectic and rewarding one to wade through…sit back and take the list in as a whole and marvel at its weird wonderfulness.”

The films David  has selected are:
• A Royal Affair
• The Royal Tenenbaums
• Snowtown
• Spring Breakers
• The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
• The Thin Blue Line
• The Tree of Life
• The Act of Killing
• Apocalypto
• The Battle of Algiers
• Boy
• Chopper
• The Insider
• Master and Commander”

Head on over to David’s selection at Dendy Direct by clicking here

One thought on “David is Guest Curator for the month of October for Dendy Direct

  1. Wow. This is a little bit exciting. What a perfect fit! That list is pretty interesting.. and some, a little surprising. I will wade with delight

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