The Rover in running for Climate Themed Awards Event “The Cliffies”


I think David will be intrigued and delighted about this.  The “Cliffies” are a Cli Fi Movie Awards being set up by Danny Bloom to honour movies that make people think about climate issues, both pro and con global warming and climate change.  According to Danny’s blogsite

“An Australian movie — “The Rover”, directed by David Michod — is in the running for a film award in Hollywood dubbed “the Cliffies”. The awards program’s official name is “The Cli Fi Movie Awards Program” and it will annually recognize and honor the best climate-themed novels of the year. For the 2014 list of nominations, “The Rover” is competing with “Snowpiercer” from South Korea and several Hollywood films, including “Noah” and “Into the Storm,” Christopher Nolan’s “Interstellar”, set for a November 7 release in the USA, will also be in the running once it is launched.”

The award will be held in early 2015.  To read more about Cli Fi movies head on over to Danny’s blog linked above.

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