AUDIO: BBC Radio 4 “David answers his critics who said there was no plot in The Rover”

Lololol I can hear David saying “fuck that” in response to some of the criticism that has been leveled towards The Rover.  For instance I read one today that said that David had “overestimated the chemistry between his lead actors”.  Excuse me while I choke from laughter at that because noone can honestly say there is no chemistry between Rob & Guy.  It makes me wonder if they in fact watched the entire film or just snippets or read reviews and made up their mind that way.  Constructive criticism is good, but missing the entire story?  Anyway I’ll stop chatting and you can hear David’s response yourself.  There is a snippet at the beginning, but David’s actual interview starts at about 9.00

Click on pic to hear the dulcet tones of Mr Michôd


BBC Radio 4


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