Reviews for The Rover UK Release – 15 August 2014

With the release of The Rover in the UK tomorrow (Friday 15 August 2014), I thought I’d bring together some of the reviews out of the UK

NME:  “…compelling tale driven by the magnetic Pearce.”  8/10

ScreenRelish:  “Michod’s deliberate pace slowly sets in your bones, and you’ll long remember the two lead performances.”

The Establishing Shot: “Being able to transport your audience to another world with enough credible hooks into our own is a hallmark of a great cinematic experience”.

Comicbuzz:  “The violence of the film wakes you up from your sleepy expectations and is handled so well that you are on edge for the running time”

DigitalSpy:  “There is, by design, an overwhelming sense of futility in The Rover: its narrative is meandering and its climax is both bleak and inevitable. But it’s an evocative journey, lean and pitiless and occasionally gut-wrenching.”

Dazed:  “Michôd has swapped the sprawling style of his urban debut for a leaner, meaner, pared-to-the-bone narrative pitted with violence, moments of elemental beauty, and a performance by Pattinson that puts the ghost of Twilight to rest.”

LittleWhiteLies: “David Michôd emerges from the lion’s den and leaps directly into the furnace for his brilliant second feature.”

Metro:  “It’s a bleak vision of a lawless society: something we’ve seen before, of course, but Michôd gives it a fresh spin with plenty of food for thought about society, humanity and the consequences of desperation.” “David Michod (behind 2011’s visionary Animal Kingdom) finds buildings that are rich in jumble sale chic and cooked in a furnace that is unbearable, even on this side of the silver screen.”

DailyStar:  ” David Michôd crafts somev memorable scenes but this is mainly about atmosphere. It’s brutal, bleak and relentlessly grim.”

ListFilm:  “Michôd’s second film stands out due to its striking cinematography, storming performances, and mysterious and suspenseful ambience.”

I’ll add to this as I come across more reviews. 

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