*NEW* Pics: The Rover Roundtable Interview With Establishing Shot

The Establishing Shot was at the roundtable that Live For Films and THN were at as we previously posted, but there is one new question for David that wasn’t included:

David, what draws you to the stories that you tell? It seems that you focus on relationship dynamics and extreme personalities

David Michôd: To be honest I don’t really know. Sometimes it can be as simple as starting with something that is entirely meaningless and then find your way into it, find the things that feel meaningful. I don’t have a book notebook that is full of stories that I must tell. Sometimes it feels like work to me to get into a thing I have to start from a place of hating everything and everything is a bad idea and this movie should not be made and I force my way into it. Force myself to love it – usually that comes from finding ways to connect it to love or sadness, or fear of death or whatever. For me, as weird as it sounds, The Rover is a movie about love. I wouldn’t have been interested in making the film if it had just been a kind of boys-y, shoot em up, guys in the desert movie. For me the whole reason to make it was the relationship between these two characters and reigniting the potential for love of Guy’s character and the lost kid who is just looking for someone to cling onto. That stuff is the reason to make a movie.

And 3 new gorgeous pics.

image host image host image host

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