@Live_For_Films Inteviews David, Rob Pattinson & Guy Pearce at UK Press Junket


Round table interviews means we will see several interviews that are similar, but I love Phil Edwards’ comments about David (Rob and Guy).  He really picked up on all their qualities.  Here’s an extract, but you should definitely head on over to Live for Films to read the entire interview:

“Michôd is a total dude and I would love to go and get hammered with him. Guy Pearce was the politest, coolest guy/Guy ever – joking about people’s cameras and responding animatedly and excitedly to all our queries. And Pattinson… Fuck. I’ll level with you. I’ve now got a total man crush on Robert Pattinson. He’d start answering a question brightly, before tailing off and disappearing back inside himself. I just wanted to take him home, feed him pizza, hold him close and tell him that everything is going to be OK.

[Pearce, Pattinson and Michôd enter. Everyone says hello and Pearce starts messing around with the cameras on the table in front of him. Michôd starts talking straight away, while Rob tousles his hair and chooses between still and sparkling water.]

David Michôd: I can’t wait to get to a level where I can where sunglasses…

Guy Pearce: During the day?

David Michôd: During the day! If I ever have a film at Cannes again, I’m gonna do it. You get the photo call and they straight away tell you to take your sunglasses off, and then all the photos of me – I’m doing this [exaggerated squinting]. Next time… I’m gonna be that wanker that wears the sunglasses.”

After Animal Kingdom and The Rover, when are we going to see you do something light, like a romcom?

David Michôd: Yeah… When I go to the movies I like to have powerful experiences. For some reason, that darkness and menace and sadness is, for me, a powerful experience. When it’s dark and powerful, that’s when I feel my spine tingling. Having said that… I would love to have the experience of sitting in an audience watching a movie I’d made that was making people laugh!

 Robert Pattinson: But people kept saying (about The Rover) yesterday: “it’s a comedy!”

 David Michôd: I think The Rover is really funny. Everything Rob does, in the face of Guy’s abuse, is funny!

Was it nice to get away from all the hysteria and cameras – that side of things?

 Robert Pattinson: Err, yeah. Definitely. We just kind of… it was incredibly peaceful. Just sort of… you really realise the value of your anonymity again, and how kind of priceless it is. But, yeah. Also it was kind of an unusual place as well, because there’s a mysticism to the area. It’s not just being out in nothingness – there’s an intensity to it as well. Yeah, it was really fun being out there.

 David Michôd: It’s corny, but it feels weirdly spiritual being out there because the vast nothingness is…

 Robert Pattinson: Like savage.

 David Michôd: When you’re working in the city, you’ll work and go home and have a shower if you’ve got a dinner to go to. Being out there, it was fun not caring about any of that. Not caring about how filthy you are. Not caring about what clothes you were wearing.

 Guy Pearce: Yeah. I never get to wear shorts in normal life! [everyone laughs]”

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