@SMH Joel Edgerton Article reveals “[David] and Edgerton are co-writing another as-yet-under-wraps script for Warner Brothers”


We heard David mention a few times during The Rover promo that he has a couple of things in the pipeline.  He also mentioned that he was writing a script with Joel (it may have been at the post premiere Q&A at The State Theatre – I just remember filing it away but I can’t remember where I heard it).  Stephanie Wood’s Sydney Morning Herald article Joel Edgerton Hits The Hollywood Big Time” gives us a few little snippets about David:

“[Joel Edgerton] got quite an extraordinary magnetism and you just see the effect he has on people,” says actor Mirrah Foulkes from a hotel room in Cannes. Her partner, Animal Kingdom director David Michôd, leans briefly into the Skype call wearing only a towel. “Yeah, I love him, I’m still working with him after all these years.” The couple were in Cannes for the screening of Michôd’s new film, The Rover, based on a story that Michôd and Edgerton conceived together. 

Foulkes reveals that her partner and Edgerton are co-writing another as-yet-under-wraps script for Warner Brothers. This is the Joel Edgerton whom most don’t know about: an ideas guy, a storyteller, a writer.”

*Happy claps* re the script.  I’m just not going to focus on the “wearing only a towel” *gulps*

If you want to read more about Joel, which you should, click on the link above.  It’s a great read.

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