“Revenge Road” aka The Rover Screening at Vertigo Film Week (Budapest)

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And by Vertigo Film Week we’re not talking about Tina holding a film festival in her living room, but if she did you know The Rover and Animal Kingdom would be front and centre (and maybe some Viggo)

According to Vertigo Media: (don’t you just love Google Translate):

“Between July 30 and August 6  Vertigo Media and co-organized by the Budapest Film Co.  Vertigo Film Week is the capital city of Pushkin cinema  (1053 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 18). Is a week day three artfilmet watch out for those interested in the recent film harvest at its finest. In seven program total to 23 films listed, two of which will be displayed before the national premiere. Every day with a romantic first creation, and a festival favorite, and finally a successful Scandinavian film will be aired. The film is a week before the premiere screening framed by the opening film on July 30 cult director David Michod  Highway Revenge  works by Guy Pierce and Robert Pattinson will be starring. The festival is closing, and on August 6 in the evening to Mads Mikkelsen starring Rebellion era . Michael Kohlhaas legend by French historical adventure film will be shown in the film week aims to summer heat willingness to do the artmoziba ° and demanding artfilmek for watching, and to encourage the community film consumption. The film week  in ticket uniformly HUF 700 , will be available at discounted prices. The pre-premiere screenings tickets for the first 50 customers will receive a movie poster as a gift. A ticket sales will begin July 17 at the Pushkin cinema box office and online ticket purchases for the  http://www.puskinmozi.hu/  site possible.”

The film is scheduled to screen:

07/30/2014. (Wednesday)

19:00 BEFORE PREMIER: REVENGE ROAD (Australia, 2014, 102 minutes, r., David Michod) (HALL METROPOLIS)

and here’s the promo vid for the Film Week with The Rover snippets through it:


Ever wondered what the Hungarian trailer for The Rover would be like?  Wait no more (it’s subtitlted thankfully so no strange Aussie accents for us Aussies):


Thanks to @Lurker1510 for the tip

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