The Rover Australian and US Box Office Update

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What to say.  I’m not expecting this to outdo the top Hollywood blockbusters that have just been released, but I’m a little surprised at the US figures to be honest.  Let’s not even talk about Australia, because as I’ve mentioned, impossible to see it at some cinemas with the times they are screening it once a day.  It’s school holidays – I doubt mums are going to leave their kids to go and see The Rover at 12.20 pm or as Tina mentioned just now – 11.30 am at Event Cinema George Street.  Really these are the only sessions?   Really ????

According to UrbanCine, The Rover has slipped to no. 17 as at 30 June 2014 and is still only on 32 screens – that’s Australia wide in case anyone thinks it’s just Sydney.  Total Aussie box office is $425,554.

Oh well I just hope it’s still on this weekend because I’m not a Transformers kind of gal and if I want to go to the movies this weekend I would rather sit and watch The Rover again any day than ooh I don’t know there’s too many films in the top 10 that I couldn’t be bothered sitting through so take your pick.

In the US, Box Office Mojo has an estimated box office as at 29 June 2014 at USD980,000 – I’ll update this figure when it becomes an actual.  I can’t comment too much on US box office since I don’t live there and I have no idea how it’s being marketed other than the giveaway posters.  Is the trailer even being shown on TV?  I think I saw it once on Australian TV, but then again I don’t watch much of that either ha!

That critical acclaim though is looking mighty sweet j/s.  And as David mentioned about Animal Kingdom – he’s not setting out looking for awards, he just wants to make the movies he wants to make.  And I for one want to see the movies he wants to do.  So all is good in my world.

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