The Rover Current Box Office Hits $1,196,852


Thought I’d update you all on where The Rover is at with regard to Australian and overseas box office. They weren’t kidding when they said this was going to be limited release. Here in Australia it’s only being shown on 33 cinema screens Australia wide. And as I’ve mentioned previously, my local cinema has it down to one screening per day – 12.40 pm but then switches to 2.20 pm after this weekend. I know it’s school holidays at the moment, and this is so not a school holiday’s film, but surely they could accommodate those that work?

Anyway, here’s the figures according to UrbanCine and Box Office Mojo together with my calculations, since BOMO is lagging in Australia $$:

image host

Box Office Mojo:

image host

The Aussie figures are lagging so here’s my update on what its current box office is:


US – $562,440
Australia – $377,169
France – $204,750
Malaysia – $32,886

Current total – $1,196,852

As David mentioned – it’s a bubbler!

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