The Rover US & Australian Box Office Update


I’m surprised to see this to be honest.  The overall comments I’m seeing is that The Rover has failed in the US wider release.  I still think it’s early days.  This is not a blockbuster must make $10 million in opening weekend (although I’m sure it wouldn’t be knocked back).  This is slow burn and I hope word of mouth gets peoples’ bums on seats.  It’s a wonderful film – I’m no doubt preaching to the choir, but I saw it yesterday with some friends – one of whom only ventures to the cinema perhaps once or twice a year and he walked out of the film completely satisfied with the story line, acting and cinematography.  I did my bit – you can add one more fanboy to the list.

According to IndieWire:

“”The Rover.” A24 wasn’t so lucky with David Michod’s “The Rover.” After a decent debut on 5 screens last weekend, the film was aggressively pushed to 599 screens, and failed to do much business. It grossed just $500,000 for a weak $835 average, not exactly promising in terms of pushing it much past its current $590,453 total.

“David Michod made an excellent film that received very strong reviews for its unique filmmaking and wonderful performances from Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson,” A24 said. “Unfortunately we were unable to find a broader audience this weekend, but have no doubt that the film will gain fans as we continue to push it out in the weeks and months ahead.”

From Box Office Mojo:

Yeah I’m still not calling it a failure.  Call me deluded I still think it’s too early to call it that.  Animal Kingdom sat in the box office in the US for 31 weeks and earned just over USD1 million.  Last time I checked this film is considered a success – it’s won awards and garnered an Academy Award nomination for Jackie Weaver – a veteran of Australian cinema and TV.  So I think the punters need to stop trying to call it so early.

In Australia, it’s current box office is $344,260 that’s up $80,000+ since last Thursday.  Like I mentioned above, I saw it yesterday.  The cinema was 3/4’s full and it held about 100 people.  The majority of the audience were older, mostly male and there was not a Rob Pattinson fangirl in sight (ok maybe just one).


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